Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers was established by Necdet Atakul, Selim Bilgişin, Ahmet Çelebiler, David Kohen, M.Sacit Şadalak, Osman Yücesan, Mert Yücesan, M.Adnan Döler, M.Sinan Döler in 1991

Our Association aims to strengthen and improve the insurance brokerage in Turkey, to provide sufficient guidance for the new players, as well as to ensure that the members of the association work in compliance with the laws and regulations.

Our main objectives are monitoring the developments in our counterparties throughout the world, conveying the learned experiences and knowledge to the Turkish companies, also acting as the facilitator for the insurance brokers that will be operate in Turkey between their relationships with insurance companies and insured, and resolving disputes wherever possible.

Furthermore; under the provision of the second paragraph of Article 21 of the Insurance Law No.5684, “The Undersecretariat may assign duties to non-governmental organizations and professional institutions for the preparation of the procedures related to the license for examination and approval” and within the framework of the provisions, “Insurance and Private Pension Regulatory and Supervisory Authority may appoint professional organizations for transactions to be carried out” of the Regulation on Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers issued in accordance with the aforementioned law, our association has been authorized to carry out the duties assigned by Insurance and Private Pension Regulatory and Supervisory Authority.


Insurance Brokerage Professional Mission: To introduce and engage brokerage activities in order to further spread risk management solutions and adopt best practices, also help to create new products.

Mission of the Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers Association: To establish and apply the rules and standards align with the common goals of the association, to ensure the development of insurance profession, so the profession can recognized and preferred by individuals and institutions.


Insurance Brokering Professional Vision: To be a reliable and indispensable solution partner in the process of managing the risks of individuals and institutions to reach the level of developed markets.
Sigorta ve Reasürans Brokerleriiği Derneği Vizyonu: Sektöründe öncü, seçkin, kaliteli hizmet üreten üyelere sahip olan, meslek ve ahlak kurallarının en üst düzeyde uygulandığı, üyelerinin gurur ve referans kaynağı olduğu bir dernek olmaktır.

Professional Managers of the Association

General Coordinator